4th Workshop on Speech in Noise: Intelligibility and Quality
5/6 January 2012, Cardiff, Wales

University of Cardiff

The perception of speech in noise is studied by various scientific disciplines. The topic holds the interest of for example audio-engineers, acousticians, psycho-physicists, audiologists, psychologists and linguists. Progress in the field has direct implications for forensics, telecoms, hearing-aid and cochlear-implant manufacturing. Despite a long history, research on the topic is still highly active and numerous present-day studies contribute to a better understanding of how humans perceive and process speech in noisy listening conditions. Started in 2009, this series of workshops provides a platform to discuss and present the most recent research findings in an informal atmosphere.

At the 4th workshop a keynote lecture sponsored by Action on Hearing Loss will be given by Bob Carlyon. Oral presentations of state-of-the-art research will be given on both afternoons. Posters will be presented during the two morning sessions. To allow ample time for discussion, the posters will be on display for both days.

The workshop will start at 9.30am on Thursday 5th January, 2012 in the Optometry building lecture theatre 0.05 (see map, or on Google Maps). The workshop will close at 16.15 on Friday 6th.

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  • Michael Akeroyd (MRC Institute for Hearing Research, Glasgow, UK)
  • Marine Ardoint (University College London, London, UK),
  • Thomas Brand (Carl von Ossietzky University, Oldenburg, DE),
  • Bob Carlyon (MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit, Cambridge, UK),
  • Claus Christiansen (Technical University of Denmark, Copenhagen, DK)
  • John Culling (Cardiff University, Cardiff, UK),
  • Andy Faulkner (University College London, London, UK),
  • Antje Heinrich (MRC Institute for Hearing Research, Nottingham, UK)
  • Graham Naylor (Oticon, Eriksholm, DK)
  • Juan-Pablo Ramirez (Technische Universität Berlin, Berlin, DE)
  • Michael Stone (Cambridge University, Cambridge, UK),
  • Cees Taal (Technical University Delft, Delft, NL),
  • Leigh Thorpe (Research in Motion, Waterloo, Canada)


All participants have been invited to present their research in the poster sessions. The best poster, as selected by the workshop organisers, will be named the winner of the Colin Cherry Award 2012.


There are a limited number of places available at the workshop. The registration fee is £36 (about €40), and must be paid in advance by credit card using our online booking system.

Be sure to read our Cardiff Survival Guide for travel and accommodation advice.

Looking forward to meeting you in Cardiff.

    The organising committee:

    • John Culling (Cardiff University, Cardiff, UK)
    • Rolph Houben (AMC medical centre, Amsterdam, NL)
    • Mark Huckvale (University College London, London, UK)
    • Gaston Hilkhuysen (University College London, London, UK)

Some comments from last year's participants:

"To my point of view and my field of research, this is the most interesting scientific gathering. It is bound to gain in importance year after year. I will be glad to see you in Cardiff next year."
"I thoroughly enjoyed both the scientific program and Lyon."
"Was a great conference!!"
"Thanks for organising the workshop- I really enjoyed it."
"Extremely successful."
"It was great to chat with folks with diverse interests in speech in noise."

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